International Society for Science & Religion - Library Project

About Us

Pranab Das

Professor Pranab Das: Executive Editor and Programme Manager

Professor Das is the Chair of the Physics Department at Elon University and Principal Investigator on the Global Perspectives on Science and Spirituality Major Awards Program. His areas of research include the physics of nonlinear systems and the history and philosophy of science. His current projects include a volume of essays collecting non-Western perspectives on science and the human spirit and a textbook on the history of science and religion in the West.

Sharon Mellul

Sharon Mellul: Programme Assistant

Sharon joined the ISSR in November 2007 to coincide with the launch of the libraries project. Based in the offices of the ISSR in Cambridge, she serves as the first point of contact regarding the project and is responsible for the main administrative aspects of the programme.

Chris Knight

Chris Knight: ISSR Executive Sectretary

Christopher Knight, the Executive Secretary of the International Society for Science and Religion, is based at St.Edmund’s College, Cambridge, England, and has been teaching and writing about the dialogue between science and religion for many years. His most recent book is  The God of Nature: Incarnation and Contemporary Science (Fortress Press, 2007).

Professor Ronald Cole-Turner: ISSR Executive Council Liaison

H. Parker Sharp Professor of Theology and Ethics at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Professor Cole-Turner’s books include Beyond Cloning: Religion and the Remaking of Humanity and the award-winning Pastoral Genetics: Theology and Care at the Beginning of Life.

Editorial Board

Professor John Hedley Brooke

Emeritus Andreas Idreos Professor of Science and Religion at Oxford University. Professor Brooke’s books include the award-winning Science and Religion: Some Historical Perspectives and Reconstructing Nature: The Engagement of
Science and Religion, co-authored with Geoffrey Cantor.

Professor V. V. Raman

Professor Emeritus of Physics and Humanities at the Rochester Institute of Technology. His many books include Variety in Religion and Science and works on science, Indic traditions and philosophy.

Professor Philip Clayton

The Ingraham Professor of Theology and Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Claremont University. Professor Clayton’s recent books are Mind and Emergence and the Oxford Handbook of Religion and Science.

Wesley J. Wildman

Associate Professor and Director of the Science, Philosophy and Religion PhD program at Boston University. Professor Wildman co-edited the Encyclopedia of Science and Religion. His two forthcoming volumes, Found in the Middle are interdisciplinary analyses of Sociology, History, Theology and Ethics.