International Society for Science & Religion - Library Project

Press Release, 15th December 2011

The International Society for Science and Religion is proud to announce the awarding of complete sets of the volumes comprising the ISSR Library to 150 institutions worldwide. Recipients include institutions of higher learning and research centers in 47 countries and six continents.

The ISSR Library is the essential reference collection for scholars, students and interested lay readers spanning books directly focusing on science and religion and also important foundational works in related and underlying subjects. Selected from over two thousand candidate volumes by a rigorous process of nomination and peer review, the Library consists of two hundred and twenty five titles. An introductory essay on each title along with full listings of all selections and categorized sub-listings is available on the website

Supported by a one million pound grant from the John Templeton Foundation, the ISSR Library Project is based at St. Edmund’s College, Cambridge University. Its Executive Editor is Dr. Pranab Das, Professor of Physics at Elon University. The Editorial Board consists of Dr. Philip Clayton, Dr. John Hedley Brooke, Dr. Wesley Wildman, Dr. V.V. Raman and Dr. Ron Cole-Turner as ISSR Executive Liaison and Dr. Christopher Knight as Secretary. The Program Assistant is Sharon Mellul.

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